MP vs LP UV Lamp Comparison

Medium-pressure (MP) UV lamp (400w-10000W) have higher sterilization efficiency and shorter sterilization time than low-pressure (LP)lamp (below 320W).MPUV lamp has wider wavelengths, illumination in the range of200–400 nm, and are effective for removal of bacteria, viruses, chloramines, chlorides, and trichloramine. Therefore, they are suitable for use in public swimming pools. The low-pressure UV lamp can only emit a single wavelength at 254 nm, limiting the field of use.

Also, MPUV lamp greatly reduces the size of the UV reactor and the number of UV lamp used, so the volume is relatively small. In contrast, low-pressure (LP) UV lamps are longer in size as wattage increases, so a slightly higher power low-pressure UV system needs more place. The control system of MPUV lamp can automatically adjust the energy of the UV output, while that of LPUV lamp cannot.

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