Mill Scales Pumping

Mill scale is formed on the outer surface of plates, rolls, sheets or profiles when iron and steel are heated for rolling, forging, or other processing. It is further removed from the steel surface by flame cleaning, pickling or abrasive blasting in steel plants.

This waste is washed into the pits from where it needs to be disposed out of the plant. Removing the scales mechanically is very time consuming, inefficient with high downtime which hinders the operation. Pumping therefore is an ideal solution that can operate 12-24 hours day, effective, and capable of pumping huge volumes of mills scales. Mill scales are very sharp and abrasive producing high wear and tear on pumps. All pumps are equipped with high chrome wearing parts, 4-10 pole low RPM motor ensuring less wear and tear of wearing parts, 1.1-1.3 Service factor motor depending on the site conditions.

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